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If you can watch a video, you can make it interactive

Video Quiz with HapYak

Video Quiz

Video is one of the most effective teaching tools. As a teacher, a corporate trainer, or a marketer, synchronized quizzes will engage your audience and help you measure outcomes.

  • Multiple choice and free-text questions
  • Pearson eCollege and other LMS integration available

Video Chapters

If your video is over 2 minutes your viewers stop watching. Help them know what's in the video and get to the most important parts.

  • Link to a specific moment in the video
  • Familiar interface for viewers to navigate

Video Chapter with HapYak
Draw on Video with HapYak

Draw on Video

Drawing on video is the simplest way to highlight a key moment, or detail. HapYak's commentary and analysis tools are the easiest way to share your expertise.

Measure Everything

What do people click on? What makes them watch longer? Is my video working? Which viewers are most engaged?

We track every view and every click inside every video so you can answer these critical questions.

  • User-level reporting
  • Direct integration with popular tracking tools
  • Direct, real video engagement metrics


How you'll benefit

More engaged viewers, more clicks, more conversion

People engage more

People Engage More with HapYak

People watch longer

People Watch Longer with HapYak