Video Quiz with HapYak

Video Quiz

Video is one of the most effective teaching tools. As a teacher, a corporate trainer, or a marketer, synchronized quizzes will engage your audience and help you measure outcomes.

  • Multiple choice and free-text questions
  • Pearson eCollege and other LMS integration available

When Paying Attention Matters

Click play. And walk away.

It happens a lot. And that's a problem for you and your viewers.

Here's the cure: quiz questions added throughout the video. These questions are powerful memory builders. They're contextual. They make watching and learning fun.

With video quiz questions you reward the viewer for watching. And you get happier, more engaged students.

Seamless LMS Integration

Moodle, Edmodo, Blackboard, SumTotal, Skillsoft, Cornerstone, Schoology, Interactyx, Sakai, Pearson eCollege, etc...

Rest easy. HapYak automatically connects with the LMS you use.

Easy to Use

You'll never believe how easy it is to add video quiz questions.
No special software or training necessary. (Try it, you'll see).

That means interactive video is now accessible to everyone.
Teachers, trainers, course designers, subject matter experts.

Really, anyone can use HapYak. No editing or technical knowledge necessary.

Try adding quiz questions to your video.

Free 30-day trial. Create your first interactive video in just a few clicks.

Works with Everything

Any Video Player

HapYak plays nice with all our video friends. We're built to work on all video players. So your interactive videos will always work.

Any Style

HapYak is HTML5 and CSS based. So you can customize the style, look and feel with ease.

Any Device (almost)

HapYak works on computers, laptops, tablets and on nearly every browser.

Video Engagement. Pure & Simple.

You've spent the money creating your videos, but you're not seeing the benefits you expected. That's about to change.

With video quiz, your viewers are engaged. They watch longer, and remember more.

So finally, you can prove your viewers...

  • Pay attention.
  • Remember what they watch.
  • Are engaged.