The power of interactive video

Our SaaS platform provides the deepest data, easiest tools and most flexible integration options on which to build your video strategy.

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Built for 1 or 1000 videos.

We believe every video should be interactive. With templates, core projects, and robust APIs, you can turn every one of your videos into measurable tools that turn viewers into leads and leads into customers.

Data. That’s Key.

When it comes to the customer journey, video is the most effective tool, but the least understood.

At HapYak we think data first. We reveal user-level behavior and track every individual and every click to tell you conversion rates, lead intelligence, response rates, and how to be more effective.

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Crafted to be Connected.

One of the biggest complaints with video is not lack of data – but lack of data that matters. HapYak gives you data that matters and connects it to the systems you depend on – CRM, CMS, LMS, Analytics…

Easiest to Use Tools.

Don’t worry, HapYak is the only tool box you’ll ever need. The secret is we make it easy.

Links. HotSpots. Overlays. Chapters. Quizzes. Calls-to-Action. And the most flexible and powerful iFrame annotation. HapYak tools are used for video where the goal is lead generation, lead nurturing, eLearning, training, sales enablement, choose-your-own-adventure, branching and eCommerce.

Take 60 seconds and test drive interactive video yourself.