Engage audiences on a higher level, shifting the video experience from a passive, lean-back moment to an active, lean-in experience.


Encourage video viewers to have a conversation, telling you more about themselves, their preferences, and what they think about your brand.

measurable results


Analyze video performance and build a more accurate understanding of video campaign success with sophisticated video analytics and individual audience profiles.

Engaging Video Experiences Start Here

HapYak’s SaaS platform provides the deepest data, easiest tools, and most flexible integration options
for creating and measuring interactive video across your Enterprise organization.

Make Any Video Interactive

  • Intuitive Visual Editor: Create stimulating, interactive experiences by adding links, chapters, quizzes, shopping carts, personalization, and more to video assets.
  • HTML 5 Video Layer: Add interactivity over existing video content without changing the original file.
  • Customize Video Assets at Scale: Reduce video production costs and time by personalizing video assets cost-effectively.
  • Publish Once, Update Often: Embed videos to your website or landing pages and interactive changes will automatically push to your published asset.
  • OVP Compatible & Workflow Ready: Optimize your current tech stack with dozens of digital video integrations.

Analyze Online Video Performance

  • Superior User Experience: Put your viewers in control and motivate them to direct their video consumption.
  • Unique Audience Feedback: Poll your video viewers to measure brand and purchase intent with behavioral insights.
  • Personalized CTAs: Convert more viewers by offering the most contextually relevant content and offers.
  • Clickable & Actionable Video Data:  Activate audience interests and optimize campaigns with the most granular video data – every click is tracked!

Secure & Scale Enterprise Video

  • One Video or Thousands: Enhance functionality and brand standards across your entire video catalog and future projects.
  • Global Presence and Compliance: Deploy the same powerful interactive video platform used by companies in regulated industries around the world.
  • Sophisticated Enterprise Workflows: Integrate videos into your business processes with access, control, and approval workflows.
  • Customer-centric Success: Trust our Success Team and support resources to demystify interactive video and move business objectives forward, strategically.

Drive Online Video ROI

  • Shoppable eCommerce Video: Monetize brand interactions by crafting shoppable narratives and interactive product pages that push customers to purchase wherever they are: laptop, tablet, or mobile devices.
  • Add-to-Cart Ease: Upsell products and lift total shopping cart value with add-ons and suggested products.
  • eCommerce Platform Compatibility: Open API integration to work with any eCommerce platform.
  • Strategic Results: Prove video tactics by increasing lead volume, reducing time to close/won, and hitting revenue targets.
  • Video-First Advantage: Connect video initiatives to key business outcomes for marketing, sales, customer success, employee onboarding, internal communications, and more.

The Most Flexible, Customizable Interactive Video Platform

Anyone can design highly engaging and relevant video experiences in minutes. Simple drag-and-drop tools let you add hotspots, links, overlays, chapters, calls to action, choose-your-own-adventure, shopping carts and more. Easily customize the look and feel to match your brand.

Navigate to points in the video via a chapter menu

Embed quizzes and record response data for individual viewers

Add clickable URLs and hotspots

Collect leads and schedule appointments in-video for an uninterrupted experience

Link between videos to create a "choose-your-own-adventure" experience

Add a slide deck to live or recorded video presentations

Turn any video into an interactive lesson

Add annotations automatically at scale with tags

Customize viewer experiences with information from multiple data sources

Enable in-video purchases with shoppable, ecommerce experiences

Gather feedback from audiences in real-time

With custom annotations, the possibilities are endless

Integrate Interactivity into Any Online Video Platform