What is HapYak?

HapYak is a Software-as-a-Service (Cloud) platform providing interactive overlays for videos to which you purchase a subscription. During the term of your subscription you have access to our web-based, self-service tools and activity reports.

What is HapYak used for?

HapYak is primarily used to increase engagement and measurement of Marketing and Training videos by adding interactive overlays that enhance the video experience.

What types of interactions are possible?

We support clickable overlays, embedded forms, quizzes, chaptering,  and choose-your-own-adventure style interaction types. Check out our Academy to get an overview of the interaction types available.

What happens to my videos after my subscription ends?

HapYak is a cloud-based service so once your subscription ends anything that uses the service will no longer be accessible.

Does HapYak create videos and/or Does HapYak have screen capture tools for recording video?

No. HapYak interactive elements are overlaid on your existing video.

I have an idea for one interactive video, which plan do I need?

The best place to start is with one of our Individual Plans. Those plans will enable you to prove out your concept, learn the platform, then determine if you need more.

How do I know if I need an ENTERPRISE Plan?

If your company has a Procurement department then, chances are, the Enterprise Plan is right for you. This plan provides enhanced security, integrations & team capabilities that large enterprises require.

What’s the difference between the plans?

Business Terms and Levels of Support are the main difference between plans. Certain features such as our APIs and Secure Workflows are reserved for ENTERPRISE plans, but all plans have a powerful feature-set.

What if I need more than the capacity provides?

We do not currently offer the ability to add more capacity to our plans. If you outgrow your plan, please contact us to discuss your needs and options.

Does HapYak work with Universities and Colleges?

Yes. We provide SCORM output designed for integration with learning management systems.

Does HapYak work with Regulated Industry?

Yes. We provide security features specifically designed to fit into compliance processes.