HapYak Enterprise Interactive Video Platform

If Your Business Needs Video, Your Video Needs HapYak.

Enterprise businesses rely on video and video data. 

HapYak is used by companies worldwide for internal communications, sales, support, and marketing. Our interactive video plan provides Enterprise scale, security, integrations, and extensibility.

  • Platform Capabilities

  • Overlays, HotSpots, Links, Chapters
  • Quizzes, Polls, User Sentiment Widgets
  • Calls-to-Action, Lead Forms, Personalization
  • “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” and Branching
  • Synchronized Video and Slide Presentations
  • Customizable, On-Brand Elements and Templates
  • VOD and Livestream Video Support
  • MAP/CRM/LMS/Analytics Integrations
  • OVP and Video Hosting Services Compatible/Compatibility
  • Extension and Integration APIs
  • Role-based User Management
  • High Capacity and High Security
  • Onboarding and Success Management
  • Consultation and Professional Services

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