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HapYak’s SaaS platform provides the deepest data, easiest tools and most flexible integration options for creating and measuring interactive video.

Increased Engagement

Click-Through Rate

More Likely To Buy

Any Video, Any Player

With a powerful interaction and data layer delivered from the cloud, HapYak works with any digital video and integrates seamlessly with your current workflow, video players, CDN and video management system to optimize existing technology investments.

Actionable Insights

HapYak’s user-level analytics deliver powerful audience insights that you don’t get with video alone. APIs connect behavior, conversion and response data from interactions with popular CRM, marketing automation, learning management and Web analytics platforms.

One Video or Thousands

Use HapYak to create, manage and measure just one interactive video, or thousands. An intuitive template library lets you instantly add or modify overlays, chapters and more across your entire video catalog. A single dashboard manages everything.

Video Monetization

Take your video monetization strategy to new levels by turning viewers into leads, and leads into customers! Use HapYak to enable in-video purchases, add-to-cart widgets, click-to-call features, custom forms, data-driven personalization and more.

Easy to Use Annotation Tools

Anyone can design highly engaging and relevant video experiences in minutes. Simple drag-and-drop tools let you add hotspots, links, overlays, chapters, calls to action, choose-your-own-adventure, shopping carts and more. Easily customize the look and feel to match your brand.


Navigate to points in the video via a chapter menu


Embed quizzes and record response data


Add clickable URLs and hotspots

On Time

Set an element to appear at a determined time


Link videos with other videos or elements

Slide Sync

Time your slide deck to your video presentation


Turn any video into an interactive lesson


Add annotations automatically at scale


Create more relevant and engaging user experiences

Add to Cart

Enable in-video catalogs and purchases

Widget Library

Custom forms, gating, polls, Like buttons and more

And more...

With custom annotations, the possibilities are endless

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