Myths and misconceptions are the biggest deterrent as to why businesses are missing out on Interactive Video. But how real are these myths and misconceptions?

As we know, video usage grows exponentially quarter over quarter, but almost all of that video is linear and not Interactive. Myths and Misconceptions is why interactive video, which is known to be more engaging and a better user experience for viewers, used so infrequently. Let’s take a look.

The 4 Most Common Myths of Using Interactive Videos in your business

  • Too costly
  • Takes a long time to create
  • No benefit to viewers
  • No benefit to my business

Too costly myth – adding Interactive video sounds hard, which implies expensive, but that just isn’t true. It is easy to add hyperlinks, images and text with a few clicks to existing videos and you can even do this for free on YouTube’s platform. There are also a number of low cost paid services like HapYak that can offer advanced interactivity and data analytics for even greater value.

Takes a long time to create myth – With do-it-yourself platforms and working with existing videos it takes only a few minutes to add interactivity and share with the world. You can edit, optimize and improve videos faster than writing a blog post.

No benefit to viewers myth – Interactive video is more engaging as viewers are empowered to control and personalize their video experience. Call to actions (CTA’s) inside video see a 3-4x conversion improvement over linear video that only offers CTA’s around a video.

No benefit to my business myth – the data and insights you get from Interactivity can be extremely valuable, especially when you connect your video data to your CRM, Marketing Automation and LMS systems. From finding new customers as a lead generation tool to driving new revenues with in video purchases, the benefits are clear and measurable.

Try interactive video for your business today with a free account from HapYak or YouTube.