We hear all the time from folks who want to cash in on the value of interactive videos, but don’t know where to start. Here are 5 tips for getting started and how to successfully launch an interactive video initiative inside your organization.

Start with existing videos. Grab one of your most popular videos from your website or OVP.  Write down the main goal of the video (Lead Qualification, Compliance, Audience Engagement, etc).

Focus on that main goal or purpose of this video. Videos are trying to accomplish something such as educating or informing, positioning or selling, or getting a viewer to take a specific action.  Focus on the main goal of the video and add Interactivity or annotations to enhance that goal. Is the video requesting that an action be taken by the viewer?  Allow the viewer to take that action inside the video with a form or link annotation. Is it teaching something? Add a text annotation to highlight key points to enhance the key learning objectives of the video or add an in-video question annotation to ensure comprehension.

Add no more than 1-3 interactions on your first video.  Interactions are the icing on the cake, keep in mind that 95% of the video needs to remain the cake. Here are 3 simple and extremely valuable interaction annotations to consider adding:

a) brand/logo with a link annotation back to a landing page or subscription page.

b) ask for contact information with a form annotation as a lead generation activity.

c) ask a question about the material to assess how well it is understood.

Mind your data. While less is more from tip #3, the real value is in the measurable results that come from these interactions. There is a misconception that engagement value is based on a video’s completion percentage, but it is not that simple.  We measure engagement based on a viewer taking your desired actions.  If the purpose of your video is to drive subscriptions does it matter if your completion percentage is 50% when you only get 5% to subscribe?

TIP: Engagement and Interaction. Data from specific viewers can provide these insights as well as ways to improve your videos and engage users in new ways.  Ensure your video metrics support your business metrics.

Get feedback from others. Feedback can reveal areas for improvement that you are not used to even looking for.  This is a new process for you.  Early feedback is invaluable.  You’ll find that once your colleagues have provided their feedback it will help determine new and better places to add interactions.

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