Learn how GetSmarter created 80 interactive videos in 80 days using an easy, repeatable process.

Creating an on-screen chapter menu in each of their videos, GetSmarter was able to better engage the viewer and reach a desired learning outcome. As you’ll see in the video, adding chapters has a dual benefit, one for the learner and one for the instructor. Download the 1-page case study here!

The solution is to give control back to the viewer. With an on-screen chapter menu the learner can:

  • Scan the material
  • Skip the parts they already understand
  • Review the parts they need to focus on
  • Control their own experience

Using reports about these interactions the instructor, for the first time, can:

  • Better prepare for the following teaching session
  • Learn how the class is learning the material
  • Focus on areas of difficulty
  • Be better prepared

If you want to make your teaching videos more effective but don’t know where to start, an on-screen chapter menu is the answer. Sign-up for HapYak and see how easy it is to get started. Try it out!

“HapYak has transformed the way we approach our educational videos. Interactive elements such as quiz questions, links and chapters have added value to our videos and made them significantly more dynamic, which has in turn boosted learner engagement.”
Rob Paddock, Chief Academic Officer, GetSmarter