Adding an Olark widget to a video is a great way to increase retention, boost sales and provide support directly from within the video. Whether it’s a product overview, or a how-to video, your audience is most engaged when they’re watching a video on your site. The HapYak Olark Live Chat widget empowers viewers to get their questions answered right away, and gives you a great opportunity to connect at the right moment. For a detailed description of how to integrate Olark Live Chat into your videos visit our Knowledge Base Article! Once added be sure to alert your operators that there is now a chat box attached to a specific video.

About Olark: Olark has powerful features to give you access to visitors and their behaviors. Make your business (and your site) look good and keep your customers coming back. Olark was founded in 2009 by Ben Congleton, Matt Pizzimenti, Roland Osborne and Zach Steindler. Initially funded by seed accelerator Y Combinator, Olark has gone on to profitable success by providing a compelling product and amazing service. We believe the world is a better place when people help each other out. That’s why you’ll find any one of our team members answering your chat. It’s what we love to do.

Olark is headquartered in San Francisco. We also have an office in Ann Arbor, MI, our “hometown”, as well as employees across the US, Canada, Brazil and the U.K.