LinkedIn Brings Employee Engagement to Life With Interactive Video

Live-Action Scenarios Build Critical Thinking Skills and a Culture of Belonging

Thriving corporate cultures have one thing in common: high employee engagement that attracts top-notch talent and delivers a measurable impact on company performance. Engagement is particularly important around corporate initiatives that advance individual well-being and ensure fair practices to safeguard the brand.

Jen Carniero leads learning experience design at LinkedIn, supporting over 12,000 employees including approximately 2,000 managers. LinkedIn uses a wide variety of HapYak’s interactive capabilities in 20 Learning and Development-produced interactive videos that help engage employees thoughtfully as a key first step to fostering lasting behavior change.

One way the company does this is through live-action video scenarios of situations employees may encounter. The scenarios pause and the learner is asked for feedback on how they’d approach next steps. They can choose from different actions they’d take in this scenario and see how that choice would impact the situation and the team depicted in the scenario.

“Our employees love the interactivity in their learning process, and we love what HapYak allows us to do in making video more real, impactful, and a driver of critical thinking,” said Carneiro.  “These aren’t play-it-and-forget-it experiences. The live-action scenarios really resonate with employees. With HapYak, we make culture-building come alive.”

For example, LinkedIn used HapYak in it's award-winning “Breaking Bias” Online Learning Series as part of its Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIBs) program. Deployed worldwide, “Breaking Bias” employs these live-action scenarios to build the critical thinking skills required to cultivate a culture of belonging and connect across differences. These are skills that can’t be acquired from simply watching a video in a lean-back mode.

Using HapYak, LinkedIn inserted hot spots to simulate decision points that participants might face in a certain challenge, and the follow-on impact on others. Branching or “choose your own adventure” options allowed participants to go back and remake the decision if they didn’t like what they saw – complete with a simulated ‘rewind’ sound as they replayed the decision and made a different choice. The first three “Breaking Bias” videos were initially developed for managers, but the program was so successful that DIBs team expanded it to target all employees and created four more videos that released throughout the year.

In one “Breaking Bias” video, LinkedIn used HapYak to add a sliding bar at the bottom of the screen where participants rank how they felt a character in the scenario was doing, in this case, an introvert was being talked-over in a meeting.  When asked “How included do you think Meiling is feeling in this discussion?” learners adjusted the slider to reflect one of five choices. The video then shows the learner how Meiling was actually feeling. The video continues, showing the manager taking a different approach so that Meiling is being heard, demonstrating how managers could “repair” a situation like this with an employee.

In another “Breaking Bias” video about do’s and don’ts of a performance review conversation, LinkedIn used HapYak interactivity to help facilitate a team discussion on “micro-inequities,” or subtle biases that may influence another’s feelings. The chapter played a live-action scenario snippet depicting a manager holding an annual review with an employee and the team had to “spot the micro-inequities.” Using HapYak, the video would pause in different places so the team could discuss what they saw. The team could continue with other scenes after the discussion was completed.

In other L&D programs for management, leadership and onboarding, HapYak enables the LinkedIn team to add reflection points into a video – playing a live-action scenario then asking questions about what happened, to further make the video experience meaningful on a personal level.  In a program called “Let’s Talk About Race,” for example, HapYak’s branching feature allowed LinkedIn employees to experience multiple sides of the same situation, depending on their role.  After hearing a personal story from a character, the participant can choose to see what to do as an ally, a manager or the person experiencing the situation – and then views the corresponding behavior recommendations for how to connect over differences.

“Across all of our department’s work, not only in the DIBs initiative, the interactive videos we’ve created are among the most popular and well received online content we have,” said Carniero.  “HapYak is easy to use and enables us to drive home the important messages that set the tone for LinkedIn’s employee learning and transformation. It’s changed the way we think about video.”

Carneiro and team have also used HapYak to help measure behavior change for an online learning program. Instead of using a form to document participant sentiment, LinkedIn placed interactive “Check-In” and “Check out” videos using quizzes at the beginning and the end of the program to ask questions about behaviors that align to learning objectives. Learners can use this as a gauge to see how they’ve grown, and the Learning & Development team can track effectiveness of the program to drive behavior change.

How We Made It Easier Than Ever to Get Started with Interactive Video

Not Just for Trail Blazers and Video Geeks, But for Everyone

When the computer was first introduced only those who knew how to write code could produce computer commands. Until recently, creating an interactive video felt much the same way. To the uninitiated, it was the domain of highly technical digital media practitioners. Surrounded by captivating examples, nobody was particularly forthcoming about how it all worked – only how much it would cost you.

That is, until HapYak came along.

From the beginning we made it our mission to bring affordable interactive video capabilities to anyone with a vision for its engaging, data-rich potential.  Notwithstanding, surveys show that only 1 in 4 marketers use interactive video to convert audiences. So we asked the question: How mature is your video strategy?  Not surprising, less than 10% of respondents regarded themselves as “video experts.”

This really got us thinking. As HapYak continues to lead the online video industry into its next generation, how can we do more to help corporate communicators, creative marketers and training innovators become interactive video trail blazers, too?

The answer: make our tools even simpler.

So we tasked our talented product team with finding new ways to help beginners leverage the power of interactive video for solving real business problems. Already November has been a big month for us, having delivered a ton of sweet new product updates, such as streamlined branching tools, even more publishing options, and one-of-a-kind video analytics. But we didn’t stop there.

Starting today, HapYak has a slightly new look. User interface updates make it one-click easy for anyone to create, manage and measure interactive video experiences using any video or online video platform.

The UI now features vertical navigation providing intuitive, self-service access to a breadth of platform capabilities, including the HapYak Studio, style builder, integrations, core and customizable reports, project lists, admin and help tools. A key benefit of this collapsable, left-side navigation is a faster and more natural scanning direction for people, making it easier than ever to locate and use the capabilities that matter most.

HapYak’s refreshed navigation also delivers  card-based Quick Starts. Cards are great for speeding up simple tasks and ensuring that new users and uses of the software get off to the right start. With Quick Starts, anyone can create chapters, links, calls to action, quizzes, branching, landing pages, slide sync and more. Slide out guides offer short video tutorials with expert tips on each annotation or experience. Just hit 'start' and be on your way to video greatness in minutes.



But don’t miss the opportunity to experience HapYak for yourself. Sign up for a free trial (no credit card required) or request a demo today. For current HapYak users, we've maintained the ability for you to work the way your accustomed to using the software everyday. Find these familiar tools on the "Manage" tab. And, be sure to let us know what you think!

HubSpot Academy Delivers More Engaging Product Updates with HapYak

Interactivity Makes Video More Like the Web: Clickable, Trackable, and Part of the User Experience

When you're teaching people how to be good marketers, your own marketing must be exceptional. HubSpot Academy offers online courses and free tools to help people all over the world learn how to market, sell, and grow an inbound business. Video features prominently in HubSpot Academy’s resources, with video explainers, tutorials, and product showcases that guide HubSpot users in developing the skills they need to start and grow a successful inbound business.

To help users build out their expertise, HubSpot hired feature films producer Stephen Fiske to set the standard for high-quality video content company-wide. In addition to creating more than 300 videos last year alone for the company, Fiske curates a broad range of HubSpot Academy assets.In one of the many ways that HubSpot engages its users, Fiske creates a HubSpot Academy Monthly Update video, which highlights HubSpot news and showcases sales- and marketing-specific product features. The updates feature 60-second video interviews with a half-dozen HubSpot team members, screen captures, and “click here” captions in a single presentation. The monthly updates garner thousands of views each month and are central to HubSpot’s focus on driving user engagement and community.

HubSpot relies on HapYak's interactive video platform to streamline the viewer’s journey through the multi-faceted content with navigational chapter menus. HapYak helps users speed their attention to exactly what they need or want to know. With its rich complement of capabilities, interactivity makes the video updates more like the Web: clickable, trackable, and part of the user experience. Annotations provide more links to info from within the video so that users can find their own path to their desired content, faster.

“As customer experience experts, we practice what we preach,” said Stephen Fiske. “HapYak’s capabilities are easy to use and help us direct HubSpot users toward the video content that matters most to them.”

Since HapYak is video-player agnostic, crafted to be connected, enterprise-scale, and includes a wide range of capabilities for adding lively, data-rich interactivity, it helps leading enterprises like HubSpot do more with video.  See for yourself...


HapYak Advances Industry-Leading Capabilities for Personalized, Data-Rich Video

Popular Interactive Video Platform Gives Users More of What They Want with the Fastest and Easiest Branching Tools, Broadest Publishing Options and Deepest User-Level Insights

BOSTON, MA – HapYak today announced significant new enhancements to its interactive video platform aimed at helping organizations more closely align video strategy with business goals through engaging, data-rich user experiences. Used daily by market leaders to facilitate eCommerce, communication, learning and customer support, HapYak’s new release features a fast, single-click workflow for video branching, the industry’s broadest publishing options, and powerful user-level analytics to help organizations cut through the clutter, establish trust and relevancy with buyers, and reach a conversion action sooner.

“The holy grail of any video strategy is engagement and knowing whether your program is successfully achieving its goal. Without the benefit of deep behavioral insights that only interactivity delivers, it’s impossible to realize ROI,” said Mila D'Antonio, Principal Analyst, Customer Engagement, Ovum. “HapYak’s new capabilities are the full package in terms of making video more relevant and engaging through personalized user paths, while providing the level of insight and integration with systems that drive business.”

Available immediately in all HapYak plans, new capabilities include:

Streamlined Workflow for Video Branching in Minutes, Not Hours– From within the HapYak Studio™, it’s now easier than ever to branch to other videos or content, and track related user interactions in real-time. The streamlined single-click workflow reduces authoring time from hours to just minutes, and allows designers to mix and match content from any other HapYak project or video service. This versatile branching, or ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ capability, lets viewers select the most relevant and personalized experience or conversion action for their needs, keeping them engaged longer.

More Publishing and Embed Options Puts HapYak in More Places – From within any HapYak project, designers can instantly publish interactive videos and experiences to even more places, including HapYak-generated landing pages with custom styling options, more than 400 systems and services via support, or to any popular learning management system (LMS) as a downloadable SCORM 1.2/2004-compliant lesson. New user-selectable thumbnail images provide greater control over the look and feel of published videos.

Graphical Dashboard and Core Reports Deliver User-Level Insights – HapYak’s updated reporting dashboard and re-tooled reports surface real-time data that goes beyond plays to highlight activity and behaviors at the user level. Deep ‘people metrics’ identify the most engaged viewers, and create valuable opportunities to boost follow-on engagement and conversions. With insight into any response action, HapYak delivers a single source of intelligence for driving video strategy and ROI metrics not found in online video platforms.

“Organizations are quickly changing their view of video from a passive, lean-back experience to something that drives engagement, saves customers time, and helps users expedite their path to a conversion outcome,” said Kyle Morton, HapYak founder and chief product officer. “The important role of interactivity is not only making video work more like the Web, but also providing the data that breaks down silo’d approaches to video strategy. HapYak works with any video to support virtually any data-driven business process, with open integration to the business systems that matter most.”

About HapYak Interactive Video & Data 

Used by the world’s top brands, universities and people like you. HapYak powers any video strategy with easy-to-use interactivity tools and data that drive results. For more information and to try HapYak for free, visit, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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