Brightcove Video Marketing Academy just got even better with HapYak!

The Brightcove Video Marketing Academy is a one-of-a-kind resource for understanding the trends and techniques that are leading to great marketing results and ROI.

With the addition of HapYak analytics and interactivity, Academy videos will become rich, deeply-linked resources so you can quickly skip to the part you want to see, share key moments, and provide feedback to Brightcove about what’s important to you.

The Brightcove Video Marketing Academy’s implementation of HapYak further enriches your learning experience so that you can more quickly become a video marketing wiz. At the same time, on the analytics side, HapYak provides deeper insights into exactly what makes each video engaging and how to constantly improve the experience.

We’re excited about our relationship with Brightcove and being able to provide our platform, best practices and results to Brightcove and all of their customers!