Cost-efficient sales enablement and support strategy pivotal to $1 billion services business

Enterprises that sell through dealers, OEMs and retailers know that strong sales enablement and support services are pivotal for helping their channel partners to be more profitable. Clover Imaging Group (CIG) is the largest provider of remanufactured laser and inkjet cartridges in the world, with over $1 billion in revenues annually from more than 12,000 product SKUs – sold entirely through partners. CIG also provides managed print services (MPS) that are resold by major retail partners and remanufactured imaging supplies sold through OEMs. Each month the company’s extended channel helps customers return over 5 million empty cartridges and other assets – the largest collection program in the world.

Mark Richards, vice president of marketing at CIG, is such a believer in the power of high-impact video that he’s assigned three staffers to create video content for partners as well as Clover employees. He was also among the first in the imaging industry to embrace interactive video after meeting HapYak at a Brightcove PLAY event several years ago. Today, the intuitive interactive platform helps Clover create more engaging video-first experiences for resellers and strategic accounts to sell more effectively – while enhancing the product selling skills of Clover’s internal team.

“Scale is a big differentiator for Clover Imaging Group’s business, and with HapYak we save tremendous time in rebranding our core MPS training programs and support videos to serve many different partners,” said Richards. “We have a template-like approach for being automated and efficient in serving our partners, since their success is our success.”

Richards’ team has created dozens of interactive videos, helping his team to scale its video sales enablement support in time- and cost-saving ways:

  • Branded sales training for partners. Leveraging its investment in MPS Axess SalesPro Training, a 13-module eLearning MPS sales training curriculum that CIG created for its dealer community, the company used HapYak to tailor modules for more than 60 partners – many of whom hosted the series on their own websites. “With big retail and OEM partners, HapYak made it easy for us to add the partners’ logos on top of the Axess SalesPro courses,” Richards said. With a single click, changes are made across the entire inventory of sales enablement videos.
  • Easy publishing on third-party sites. HapYak’s template option makes video publishing a breeze, Richards said. When partners want to publish one of CIG’s videos on their own sites, CIG’s team simply provides the embed codes with the interactive layer included. “With HapYak we removed all the time drains we experienced without an interactive video platform,” Richards said. CIG creates a subgroup so data on partner completion of required training can be segregated by account.
  • Lead generation for strategic accounts. HapYak enables CIG to add calls to action (CTAs) including a lead form within a branded video provided to its strategic accounts. The partner company can run the branded video on its site allowing interested customers to book an appointment with their rep about the MPS services – from directly within the video experience. Hot links let viewers click to download a brochure PDF or an executive summary of the MPS offering.
  • More engaging and measurable sales training. Using HapYak to add chapters and quiz questions as knowledge checks in over 50 training modules, Richards’ team has measurably increased engagement in sales, HR and new employee onboarding. HapYak-sourced gradebook data can be exported into any LMS or other enterprise software so CIG can track that individuals have achieved a 90% or better passing grade.

“Video is always so much more impactful than slides or other presentation media, and using HapYak was so much faster and easier than using our former sales enablement software.”

Next on Richards list for 2018 is leveraging HapYak for deeper behavioral analytics, Richards said, to understand where video interactions are occurring, along with the use of branching to ensure that relevant sales enablement content options are presented.