Behind every groundbreaking, high-growth tech success story are great products, motivated customers and an expert workforce

With rapid innovation comes a level of change that for some can be hard to manage. Leading new markets requires continuous education – and lots of it. This is a challenge that Dell EMC’s Supreetha Nagaraja knows well. As strategic advisor for Dell EMC Education Services, Nagaraja has embraced the speed and scope of change with a few innovations of her own.

Dell and EMC were already established as leaders in the hyper-competitive $2 trillion global IT market when they merged in 2016. The combination resulted in the creation of a $74 billion company with footprints in 98% of the Fortune 500. Offering the industry’s broadest portfolio of IT infrastructure products, today Dell EMC maintains more than 20,000 patents and applications, “Leader” status in 20 Gartner Magic Quadrants, and a workforce topping 100,000 worldwide.


With a strategy to manage growth through ongoing employee education, Nagaraja and her team developed a pioneering video-based learning management platform they call eduTube. The enterprise solution offers a YouTube-like portal where employees can watch and listen to top industry experts and other videos on specific products and topics. By all accounts, on-demand video is not only more cost-efficient, but highly engaging, and as studies have shown, improves retention.

While most popular CMS and LMS solutions aren’t built to handle the challenges of preparing, delivering and analyzing volumes of online video content, eduTube is based on a delivery architecture that supports rapid integration and scale. With its own large and highly skilled technology team, typically Dell EMC would build and deploy their own solution. But in Akamai’s CDN and video hosting capabilities they found a technically differentiated solution that would eliminate that investment of time and resource while delivering a high-performance online video experience to any device, anywhere.

Through the centralized platform, videos are now embedded in eLearning content, corporate communications, marketing programs, yearly sales kickoff campaigns and many other programs.


With plans to add interactivity to their data-driven video strategy, Nagaraja and her team are currently in the implementation phases of HapYak. Since HapYak works seamlessly with any video delivery solution, including Akamai and Amazon, it was a natural choice. Easy-to-use tools and templates will enable the Education Services team to add interactive elements, such as in-video like/dislike ratings, across an entire video library in minutes.

Beyond deeper engagement, interactivity offers another significant benefit: providing senior leadership and departmental leaders with measurable, qualitative feedback and quantitative behavioral data. As employees click through hotspots, links, chapters and personalized branching scenarios, their choices are logged and tracked—offering insights that inform future strategy and development.


Supreetha Nagaraja, Dell EMC

For her vision and innovation, in late 2017 the editors of Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Magazine recognized Nagaraja with a coveted Business Partnership Award. 

Part of the publication’s annual Learning in Practice Awards program, the distinction acknowledges executives with workforce development programs delivering exceptional impact in terms of employee retention, sales, revenue growth, customer satisfaction and cost reduction.

Since Nagaraja launched eduTube, Dell EMC has seen it pay off in multiple ways. Video-based content delivery now accounts for more than 9,000 student days per fiscal quarter, a 300% increase since eduTube’s launch. The platform also allows data to be collected on how long a video is watched, how many times it’s viewed and who has viewed it, and with the addition of HapYak, deeper behavioral data. During a single fiscal quarter, eduTube videos receive 250,000 to 300,000 views on average.

Further, the reliability and performance of the Akamai’s platform has enabled Dell EMC to deliver a consistently outstanding, media-rich experience saving the company millions on classroom training.

The result? A powerful solution for managing change in today’s dynamic IT market.