In that case, videos are made up of frames of hundreds to thousands of pictures, thus exponentially increasing their worth. Such an effective method of communication is an incredibly important asset in almost every industry. From marketing, to ecommerce, to education and corporate training, video gives you a unique medium to get your message out to the world. Even so, something has been missing.


Over the years, the internet has become a designer’s playground. Responsive design, intuitive and dynamic sites, beautiful UI and the code backbone to support all of it has set a standard for user experience. Video on the web hasn’t seen the meteoric rise of enhancements. With HapYak, video gets that much needed upgrade. Adding interactivity to videos increases engagement, functionality and measurable effectiveness. Chapters, Branching, Quizzes, Polls, Surveys, Text, Links, Images, even custom iframes provide a fresh new toolset when creating a video strategy for the new age of the web.

So that’s a lot to take in. Your video is now a canvas outside of a studio or some video editing software. You might be a designer, you might be a product manager, a video pioneer, or an intern. The best part is it doesn’t matter. Try out different annotations (our word for anything that you overlay on top of the video). Share it with people, try out different flows, add a simple subscribe button and a couple chapters, it’s up to you. Every video you create with interactions is helping write the future of video on the web.

Get started now if you haven’t. Then come back and keep reading.

Welcome back! You’ve used our editor, got some annotations wired up and a couple projects under your belt. (If you haven’t, get over there and do it! It’s fun and free to try). Now, let’s take these interactive videos to the next step. Every company, project, or idea has an identity. Most corporate or commercial projects have a company ideology or focus in their video narrative. On the web and in print this messaging is visually represented and tied together using logos, brand colors, and typography. Your videos usually require this to be done in post production with expensive software or and agency. Oh and by the way got one shot unless you want to pay more or re-record. This usually ends up with the simplest, not the best solution.

We’ve all seen the company watermark in the top right of videos. With HapYak, you can quickly create a template with your company logo and branding, and apply it to every video you produce or have an agency create. No more swapping different sizes and formats of logos between departments or companies. Furthermore, unless you’re Coca-Cola, your logo just might change in the future. With HapYak, simply change out the logo in your template and all your videos are updated.

Every annotation you add to your videos can be completely customized.

Logo’s are the easiest way to instantly add branding to your video. What about more subtle or complete experiences? This is where custom CSS really packs a punch. Every annotation you add to your videos can be completely customized. Add your brand colors to a chapter menu, put your logo on a quiz question. Change all the text to your corporate or favorite font family. Check out this custom css for MIT Center for Real Estate.

Anything you can do on the web you can do on top of your video. That’s our goal here at HapYak, to make video work like the web, and with custom styling, your videos will finally look and feel the part.

We can’t wait to see what you will create with HapYak. Subscribe for more tips and tricks and feel free to reach out for design and styling guides and help with your interactive videos!