Focus on Goals.

If you want your video strategy to succeed you need to focus on goals. Why does your video exist? What specific outcome are you working towards?

  • Conversion: Create an experience that leads to a specific action.
  • Teaching: Run a flipped classroom and better prepare your learners.
  • Training: Measure the progress of your team and workforce.
  • View Time: Engage your viewers by respecting their time.

This Interactive Academy video is included as a starter template with each new account. Even though it has a “sign-up” call to action, it is mostly viewed in-app, so the primary goal is Teaching not Conversion. It’s goal is to engage and inform the viewer. We closely measure the interaction rate (clicking on chapters and quizzes) and conversion rate (sign-ups for our mailing list).

In the video we discuss uses of HapYak and how Interactive Video can be used to effectively influence and guide viewers toward goals.

When you Sign-Up for HapYak we include a version of this video for you to modify and see how easy it is to get started. Try it out!