Popular Interactive Video Platform Gives Users More of What They Want with the Fastest and Easiest Branching Tools, Broadest Publishing Options and Deepest User-Level Insights

BOSTON, MA – HapYak today announced significant new enhancements to its interactive video platform aimed at helping organizations more closely align video strategy with business goals through engaging, data-rich user experiences. Used daily by market leaders to facilitate eCommerce, communication, learning and customer support, HapYak’s new release features a fast, single-click workflow for video branching, the industry’s broadest publishing options, and powerful user-level analytics to help organizations cut through the clutter, establish trust and relevancy with buyers, and reach a conversion action sooner.

“The holy grail of any video strategy is engagement and knowing whether your program is successfully achieving its goal. Without the benefit of deep behavioral insights that only interactivity delivers, it’s impossible to realize ROI,” said Mila D’Antonio, Principal Analyst, Customer Engagement, Ovum. “HapYak’s new capabilities are the full package in terms of making video more relevant and engaging through personalized user paths, while providing the level of insight and integration with systems that drive business.”

Available immediately in all HapYak plans, new capabilities include:

Streamlined Workflow for Video Branching in Minutes, Not Hours– From within the HapYak Studio™, it’s now easier than ever to branch to other videos or content, and track related user interactions in real-time. The streamlined single-click workflow reduces authoring time from hours to just minutes, and allows designers to mix and match content from any other HapYak project or video service. This versatile branching, or ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ capability, lets viewers select the most relevant and personalized experience or conversion action for their needs, keeping them engaged longer.

More Publishing and Embed Options Puts HapYak in More Places – From within any HapYak project, designers can instantly publish interactive videos and experiences to even more places, including HapYak-generated landing pages with custom styling options, more than 400 systems and services via Embed.ly support, or to any popular learning management system (LMS) as a downloadable SCORM 1.2/2004-compliant lesson. New user-selectable thumbnail images provide greater control over the look and feel of published videos.

Graphical Dashboard and Core Reports Deliver User-Level Insights – HapYak’s updated reporting dashboard and re-tooled reports surface real-time data that goes beyond plays to highlight activity and behaviors at the user level. Deep ‘people metrics’ identify the most engaged viewers, and create valuable opportunities to boost follow-on engagement and conversions. With insight into any response action, HapYak delivers a single source of intelligence for driving video strategy and ROI metrics not found in online video platforms.

“Organizations are quickly changing their view of video from a passive, lean-back experience to something that drives engagement, saves customers time, and helps users expedite their path to a conversion outcome,” said Kyle Morton, HapYak founder and chief product officer. “The important role of interactivity is not only making video work more like the Web, but also providing the data that breaks down silo’d approaches to video strategy. HapYak works with any video to support virtually any data-driven business process, with open integration to the business systems that matter most.”

About HapYak Interactive Video & Data 

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