Integrated Slide Sync Transcends Previously Silo’d Approaches to Creating and Managing Effective Live Marketing and Town Hall-Style Online Events

BOSTON, MA– HapYak today announced new capabilities enabling  enterprises to ratchet up the impactof their corporate communications through integrated support for YouTube Live, Brightcove other popular live streaming video services.  The expanded capabilities of the company’s powerful interactive video platform let teams transcend previously silo’d approaches to synchronizing slides and other content with live video streams.

Live streaming video has become the fastest growing segment of the overall online video market – a segment expected to grow  into a $70 billion industry as content creators and publishers drive for more authentic human experiences online.  With HapYak used to underscore and enhance the power of live streaming services, professionals get more from town hall-style video broadcasts and marketing events without plugins, extensive coding or video mixing to integrate with live feeds.

“Hundreds of thousands of enterprises have already integrated YouTube Live into their workflows, while others have partnered with top firms like Brightcove for live streaming,” said Kyle Morton, HapYak founder and chief product officer. “In response to market demand for greater flexibility, functionality, and integration with these services, we’re pleased to offer the first single-platform solution for the creation and management of interactive experiences — both live and on-demand.”

Available immediately in all HapYak plans, new capabilities let users:

  • Create and configure a Live Slide Sync experience from within the HapYak Studio in minutes
  • Easily upload slides, infographics and other images in PDF format to be synced with any live video stream on-time, or pushed manually in real-time
  • Present slides in any order via a fully integrated presenter UI, or replace them on the fly during the live stream to accommodate new or updated material
  • Customize pre-, post- and live-event page branding and messages, including background images, graphics, text, count down clock and user-adjustable window sizing
  • Optionally redirect participants to a registration form or other login validation process prior to joining the live experience
  • Access viewer data via HapYak Experience Reports.

HapYak’s  award-winning interactive video platform provides an easy, out-of-the-box way for any user to create clickable, trackable, and shoppable video experiences — using any video or online video platform.  With a secure interactivity and data layer delivered from the cloud, the platform lets users add links, branching, navigational elements, response mechanisms, shopping carts and more to drive highly relevant, personalized and measurable online interactions.

About HapYak Interactive Video

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