New Capabilities Simplify In-Video Assessments and Track Engagement at the User Level

LAS VEGAS – HapYak, the interactive video platform, announced today the availability of new tools for corporate trainers and course designers to create, measure and improve interactive video.

The new suite of tools and reports empower trainers to answer fundamental questions about their video and directly measure effectiveness in ways never before possible.

  • Are viewers actually watching, or did they just “click play then walk away”?
  • Is the video effectively teaching what it’s meant to?
  • What material in the video is most useful to viewers?

“Video is one of the most important eLearning tools and its use is massively growing. But despite its importance, it’s one of the most difficult resources to measure.” says HapYak CEO, Kyle Morton “Without knowing if people are actually paying attention, if they understand the material and what in the video is most helpful, the trainer and course designer can’t improve it. We’re giving trainers and course designers the data they need to make smart decisions and produce better outcomes with their videos.”

In addition to new Engagement Reports, HapYak is introducing a “Simple Gradebook” for user-level grading of in-video quizzes. “Companies and Organizations rely on video to deliver training and certifications, but they don’t always need or want a full-blown learning management system. Our “Simple Gradebook” meets their needs today and still provides a path for LMS integration in the future. We’re extremely excited to offer this solution.” says HapYak CEO, Kyle Morton.

HapYak allows users to easily add interactive elements: Quiz Questions, Chapters and Links, to any existing video, regardless of what video player is used. HapYak has the broadest video player support on the market making it painless for any business or organization to transform their existing videos into effective, measurable tools.