Not Just for Trail Blazers and Video Geeks, But for Everyone

When the computer was first introduced only those who knew how to write code could produce computer commands. Until recently, creating an interactive video felt much the same way. To the uninitiated, it was the domain of highly technical digital media practitioners. Surrounded by captivating examples, nobody was particularly forthcoming about how it all worked – only how much it would cost you.

That is, until HapYak came along.

From the beginning we made it our mission to bring affordable interactive video capabilities to anyone with a vision for its engaging, data-rich potential.  Notwithstanding, surveys show that only 1 in 4 marketers use interactive video to convert audiences. So we asked the question: How mature is your video strategy?  Not surprising, less than 10% of respondents regarded themselves as “video experts.”

This really got us thinking. As HapYak continues to lead the online video industry into its next generation, how can we do more to help corporate communicators, creative marketers and training innovators become interactive video trail blazers, too?

The answer: make our tools even simpler.

So we tasked our talented product team with finding new ways to help beginners leverage the power of interactive video for solving real business problems. Already November has been a big month for us, having delivered a ton of sweet new product updates, such as streamlined branching tools, even more publishing options, and one-of-a-kind video analytics. But we didn’t stop there.

Starting today, HapYak has a slightly new look. User interface updates make it one-click easy for anyone to create, manage and measure interactive video experiences using any video or online video platform.

The UI now features vertical navigation providing intuitive, self-service access to a breadth of platform capabilities, including the HapYak Studio, style builder, integrations, core and customizable reports, project lists, admin and help tools. A key benefit of this collapsable, left-side navigation is a faster and more natural scanning direction for people, making it easier than ever to locate and use the capabilities that matter most.

HapYak’s refreshed navigation also delivers  card-based Quick Starts. Cards are great for speeding up simple tasks and ensuring that new users and uses of the software get off to the right start. With Quick Starts, anyone can create chapters, links, calls to action, quizzes, branching, landing pages, slide sync and more. Slide out guides offer short video tutorials with expert tips on each annotation or experience. Just hit ‘start’ and be on your way to video greatness in minutes.



But don’t miss the opportunity to experience HapYak for yourself. Sign up for a free trial (no credit card required) or request a demo today. For current HapYak users, we’ve maintained the ability for you to work the way your accustomed to using the software everyday. Find these familiar tools on the “Manage” tab. And, be sure to let us know what you think!