Interactive video may not be known by a majority of people, but in reality it is a lot more pervasive than folks realize.

YouTube, the largest video platform in the world, actually has countless numbers of interactive videos through their annotations feature. Chances are you’ve seen many and interactive video is more pervasive than we realize. Subscribe Now! Click Here to Watch the Next Episode! Any time you’ve clicked on a video to be brought to the video owner’s website you’ve watched an interactive video. You may also have seen interactive ads paired with video content. Here are 4 recent examples of brands using interactive video well.

Of course, there is a lot of room for the use of these interactions (or annotations as YouTube calls them) to increase. I find that it is being used less than 10% of the time it should be.

Most videos are often not watched in their entirety. And that’s OK. Videos have the purpose of getting a viewer to do or feel something and this can (and often does) occur before the end. Subscribing to a Youtube channel; Requesting more information; Buying a product. Many viewers are ready to take action earlier in a video and not at the end of the video.

Adding interactivity to your videos empowers the viewer to act at any point – especially at the “aha moment”. Having the desired call-to-action ready to be clicked at that moment just makes sense. If your engagement reports show viewers dropping off early place your call to actions before these points and see if your results spike.

There are other valuable Interactions (adding chapters, branching, polls, lead generation forms, and more) and as these are adopted more widely by eLearning, Marketing and eCommerce video professionals, interactive videos will become even more pervasive.

In fact, you may just think of it as “video” and that is a good thing.