How to Improve Video Engagement

Video engagement is a key metric when it comes to measuring video success. How many times have you read that the key to your video success is to make shorter videos? Or to make them more funny? Or to make them more viral? But short, funny and even viral doesn’t mean they are valuable to your business.

The length of a successful video should be dictated by your business and the stage a particular viewer is at in the buyer cycle. If you were to spend $200K this year on video production would you want to see a 30 second video viewed by 1 million people or a 30 minute video viewed by 10,000?

I understand this is a simplistic way to look at video engagement but it should get the point across. And what is the value of a funny video that is shared all over the Internet to folks that couldn’t possibly be your customers? While it can build brand awareness that doesn’t directly translate into revenues. Video engagement is the answer and here are 3 ways to get started and improve it.

3 things you can do to improve video engagement and conversions:

Customize – One size does not fit all. Offer different videos for your different audiences (you always have more than one). The current trend is to break large videos into smaller ones and let the viewer choose smaller clips to watch. You can provide a better user experience with Interactivity and a bit of guidance as they control their own viewing experience. TIP: Include in-video Chapter Menus so viewers can jump around easily; Ask qualification questions inside your video and depending on their answers branch the viewer to more customized videos next.

Measure – If you want to improve something you need to know where you’re starting from and how your changes are affecting the outcome. With video, start by optimizing them for conversion. Next, Google’s super-useful Customer Journey exploration tool will be your best friend. You can get a sense of where viewers are likely to convert in your specific customer journey. Finally, using Google Analytics for conversion tracking, you can simply and effectively connect video engagement to key conversion actions.

Optimize – Rinse and repeat this process to continually improve your video strategy. Video is exponentially more powerful than other web content. You should be putting the same optimization efforts into your videos that you do for your web pages (A/B test call-to-actions, using different colors, images, timings and durations).

In short, these three tactics will help you improve video engagement and turn more viewers into customers.