Market leader empowers online visitors to find what they need and want, faster

How-to videos are everywhere these days as companies strive to empower consumers with self-service options that address their needs and deepen engagement with the brand. What busy video viewers really seek though is access to exactly what they want, fast – including content that typically lives outside the video on a Webpage. The marketers that serve them need behavioral analytics to see where consumers opt out of the process, and how to better reach them.

For one Fortune 500 company, enabling consumer self-service goes to the core of its mission of empowering patients in their own health care.  Today the multi-billion dollar clinical laboratory services firm runs more than 2,200 patient centers in the US for blood draws and other diagnostic services, serves about half of the physicians and hospitals nationwide, and touches the lives of 1 in every 3 American adults each year.

According to the company’s manager of consumer marketing, it’s her group’s top priority to create self-service marketing materials that educate consumers on how to access its services.

“Instantly we saw that HapYak was a phenomenal way to help visitors empower themselves to solve their own needs, and for us to drive toward our marketing goal. HapYak as delivered all that and more.”

Ensuring User Satisfaction

For nearly two years, the firm has used HapYak to add interactive elements to how-to videos that walk the consumer through key steps in using the company’s patient portal where consumers and their caregivers, with appropriate permissions, can access lab results ordered by a physician, forward results to other physicians, and view lab data online or from a mobile device. Adoption of the portal has been rapid, including a premium advanced access option that recently debuted with even more features, such as a complete lab history in an easy to read and trended graphical format.

From time to time, however, consumers get stuck in seemingly simple steps, such as failing to verify an account login they created – steps that may lead to them missing out on the ability to access their results, or spend time to phone the company for support.

By adding PDF downloads in videos explaining how to get help logging in, and how to get lab results, the marketing team is able to provide consumers with a download of these directions without leaving the video itself. The addition of a call to action (CTA) within the video helps build awareness and traffic for the Advanced Access offering.

The team also added interactivity via HapYak to a video on how to use the appointment scheduler, accessed from the home page. Providing a Table of Contents with chapters linked to the exact time in the video for the needed information saves consumers time in accessing exactly what they need, while a link to registration provides fast access to test results immediately, all within the video environment.

Capturing Rich Audience Insights

More than being helpful to consumers, the ability to click on a video for more information provided the company with something every marketing team desperately needs: behavioral data to improve consumer engagement and ultimately sales.

“Previously we had zero metrics on where consumers were getting stuck – so HapYak is giving us data we simply couldn’t get before.”

Metrics provided by every click on the table of contents or calls to action within the video help the marketing team understand more about what consumers want, and how to better serve them. An admin panel shows data at a glance including click-through rates for various calls to action, further helping the consumer marketing team to understand where it can do a better job. For example, data on over 2,500 touch points in HapYak’d videos across a six-day span helped to reveal topics of strong interest, and where potential new educational content was needed.

Delivering Tremendous Value

The firm gives HapYak high marks for its ease of use and constant iteration on its platform in concert with their feedback.  With a new appointment-scheduling video in the offing and other videos in planning stages, the diagnostics company sees tremendous potential for other ways its can use HapYak, such as integrating interaction data with Google Analytics.

“Engaging our site visitors and empowering them to get what they need to manage their health care is really important to our brand and our mission. HapYak has delivered tremendous value and we plan to use it on all future videos.”

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