Interactivity Makes Video More Like the Web: Clickable, Trackable, and Part of the User Experience

When you’re teaching people how to be good marketers, your own marketing must be exceptional. HubSpot Academy offers online courses and free tools to help people all over the world learn how to market, sell, and grow an inbound business. Video features prominently in HubSpot Academy’s resources, with video explainers, tutorials, and product showcases that guide HubSpot users in developing the skills they need to start and grow a successful inbound business.

To help users build out their expertise, HubSpot hired feature films producer Stephen Fiske to set the standard for high-quality video content company-wide. In addition to creating more than 300 videos last year alone for the company, Fiske curates a broad range of HubSpot Academy assets.In one of the many ways that HubSpot engages its users, Fiske creates a HubSpot Academy Monthly Update video, which highlights HubSpot news and showcases sales- and marketing-specific product features. The updates feature 60-second video interviews with a half-dozen HubSpot team members, screen captures, and “click here” captions in a single presentation. The monthly updates garner thousands of views each month and are central to HubSpot’s focus on driving user engagement and community.

HubSpot relies on HapYak’s interactive video platform to streamline the viewer’s journey through the multi-faceted content with navigational chapter menus. HapYak helps users speed their attention to exactly what they need or want to know. With its rich complement of capabilities, interactivity makes the video updates more like the Web: clickable, trackable, and part of the user experience. Annotations provide more links to info from within the video so that users can find their own path to their desired content, faster.

“As customer experience experts, we practice what we preach,” said Stephen Fiske. “HapYak’s capabilities are easy to use and help us direct HubSpot users toward the video content that matters most to them.”

Since HapYak is video-player agnostic, crafted to be connected, enterprise-scale, and includes a wide range of capabilities for adding lively, data-rich interactivity, it helps leading enterprises like HubSpot do more with video.  See for yourself…