Innovative approach to professional development keeps mobility market leader on top

Continuously ranked among the leaders in enterprise mobility platforms, Kony takes the road to success seriously – startingwith their own people. It’s a philosophy that’s more than a mantra for the company’s management team. It’s their #1 goal to make Kony ‘The Place to Be,’ with line of business heads leading the charge.

For Marcel Eisma, VP of Kony Customer Success University, his piece of the mission is to deliver personalized, right-sized, always-on training to customers and partners – including technical and business skills. In addition to Kony’s 1,300+ employees – which the company refers to as “Mobilizers” – Eisma’s programs serve tens of thousands of designers, application developers, software architects and implementers worldwide who use Kony’s platform.

For this diverse community of professionals, with varying experience and learning styles, training can’t be a cookie-cutter affair. It’s got to be fast, engaging and fully individualized to help these professionals address C-suite buyers in a hyper-competitive market.

“Video is absolutely critical to individualized skills-building,” said Eisma, a veteran educator who formerly led Kony’s acclaimed sales enablement practice and now directs a dedicated learning and development group. “When done right, it’s the most engaging way of presenting problems and solutions that drive users down the path to greater achievement.”

“That’s why every video we have is HapYak’d – and we have well over 300 videos,” Eisma said. “HapYak provides the interactive UI for every video we created for Customer Success University. It helps users cut through the clutter and keep content relevant. It allows us to be strategic about how we use, track and capture data with video.”

Eisma learned about HapYak from his boss Wayne McCulloch, formerly at and HPE, and upon Eisma’s first exploration, he knew it was a superb fit. Before Customer Success University, Kony had a disparate collection of learning resources, stored in various content repositories and delivered through disconnected portals.

52,000 interactions in 30 days

After a three-month beta, Customer Success University launched in October 2017 to overwhelmingly positive reviews – with the interactive learning videos achieving 5,000 interactions in the first week alone, and over 52,000 interactions in its first month of use.

Customer Success University curates Kony’s learning and development into a repository with different entry points topersonalize the learning experience for the various audiences while centralizing content management and reporting:

  • Kony Mobilizer – a learning portal with single sign-on (SSO) capabilities for anyone with Kony’s Office 365 credentials, integrated with the corporate LearnUpon environment, to enrich and engage talent.
  • Kony Basecamp – an external learning portal with eCommerce capabilities that delivers both free training and paid courseware for customers and partners. Offering “trails” for developers, architects and system administrators, provides skills building courses at three levels – associate, professional and certified expert. integrates with the open-standard Badgr achievement recognition and tracking system to help learners celebrate, share and recognize their skills development, both internally to their managers and externally.
  • Custom Partner Portals for the company’s largest integrators, with similar but tailored training offerings as Basecamp.

With HapYak, Kony can individualize its video-first content. Eisma and his team use:

  • Chaptering and other annotations to divide courses into manageable segments that are easily included in a table of contents and displayed online.
  • Links to Kony’s documentation resources, examples, and Basecamp forum discussions that help learners advance their understanding and implementation of the Kony solutions.
  • Links to other Web content from within the video environment, enabling users to reference a Wikipedia article, download a PDF or peruse online TED talks to enrich themselves with deeper context.
  • Audience insights derived from interactions providing access to individual, group and departmental engagement and proficiency metrics for fine-tuned management reporting and content strategy and improvements.

Customer Success University has quickly become a rallying point for personal development and enjoys the attention and full support of the executive management team.

“The HapYak Studio is one of the least complicated tools I’ve used,” Eisma said. “Everyone on my team got started and productive quickly. Now we use ‘HapYaking’ as a verb, adding value to video recordings that are too long to be readily consumed.”

HapYak Studio® makes it easy to add chapters, annotations, branching and more to any video


Eisma reflects on the evolution of professional education from ‘just in case’ and ‘just in time’ to ‘just for me’. “Much of our previous training followed a traditional approach that was not always inclusive of the different learning styles. Millennials, GenY and GenMe grew up with interactivity and expect learning to be fast, snappy, and centered around their individual needs – so we can turn our teams into the successful ‘mobilizers’ they really are, and make Kony ‘The Place to Be.’”

To learn how HapYak helps other market leaders stay on top, too, visit the HapYak Gallery or request a demo today.