This is an exciting time to work in video. On May 25th 2018, Kaltura, a leading online video platform (OVP), announced its acquisition of RAPT Media, a leading interactive video service. This is great news for Kaltura and RAPT customers, as it will provide a seamless integration and powerful combined suite of capabilities. Congratulations to Erika Trautman, and the whole team at RAPT for working to pioneer the interactive video space and reaching this significant milestone.

Interactive video has emerged as a critical method for engaging viewers and revealing behavioral data for Marketing, eCommerce, and eLearning communications. The industry has come a long way since both RAPT and HapYak were founded. Five years ago, we worked with a relatively small number of thought leaders and early adopters who led the way with this emerging technology. That early work saw trial and error with the tools, techniques, best practices, and economic models necessary to reach business goals. We persisted. Now, the industry has moved forward to the point that interactive video capabilities are considered a business must-have. Kaltura’s acquisition of RAPT shows that video industry leaders are making significant moves to meet the demand.

This acquisition is part of a trend that has seen virtually all OVPs (Brightcove, Wistia, VidYard, JWPlatform, Vimeo and others) form partnerships, develop capabilities and sharpen their messaging to include the business impact of interactive video. Businesses of all sizes benefit from this realignment of video platforms to business fundamentals: KPIs and Outcomes. As video-first communication continues to transform both the employee and the customer journey alike, the need for engagement and measurement that interactive video delivers will only grow.

At HapYak, we are committed to providing the best technology, data and vertical solutions that address the business needs of today and the emerging opportunities of tomorrow. We understand that most businesses use multiple video platforms across departments which is why our approach has always been OVP agnostic. Our focus is on the customer and our goal is to take on the hard work of providing a simple solution. It’s a good time to invest in video, the platforms and results have never been better.