As technology continues to rapidly innovate, it’s good to take a step back and evaluate what it’s doing to our world.

Recently, Claire Cain Miller at the New York Times did just that, interviewing a number of prominent tech entrepreneurs. These conversations informed an infographic by Chi Birmingham about what’s next when it comes to tech.

New York Times Infographic - Tecnology

[Image credit: The New York Times]


“I believe e-courses will eventually change people’s attitude toward learning,” said Sebastian Thrun in a chat on Facebook for the article. The founder of Google X Lab and co-founder of Udacity, goes on further to say that he thinks “education will play an increasingly dominant role in people’s lives” for people of all ages and geographies.

When it comes to higher education specifically, Thurn suggests that tech will evolve the area to allow for more access, higher quality, and create more of a global reach.

New York Times Infographic - Tecnology

[Image credit: The New York Times]

Twitter founder Ev Williams was also interviewed for the piece, and he suggests that higher education will be heavily influenced by tech, if not put out of business altogether. Either way, our view towards e-learning is changing, and tech is already a big part of that.


Beyond the Times article, some education startups have increased their use of web video in the learning environment. The Challenge Festival — a conference for startups doing great things across a number of industries, including education — showcased the work that eduCanon is doing. A winner in the education category at last week’s conference, eduCanon’s online learning environment (founded by a Teach for America alum) allows teachers to build and share interactive video lessons.

EduCanon at Challenge Cup DC

[Image credit: Daniel Swartz – 1776 DC]

It all squares with what we’re seeing at HapYak. People are using video technology in education in new ways that were always imagined but now finally possible through the widespread adoption of HTML5 technology. Congratulations to the whole eduCanon team and others pioneering education with video.