Viral video. One video. Millions of views.

So what? The average organization is sitting on hundreds of videos. These are videos that you create, with webcams, screen-shares, iPhone’s and go pros. Most videos today are created by people like you.

But video alone is not enough. You need your videos to be effective. Here’s the secret:

Let your role define your goal!

Whether you’re in marketing, training, sales, education, or support you need your videos to be effective.

We’re going to show you 3 simple videos that when enhanced with interactivity become effective and reach their goals.

  • Uber: When in person training isn’t an option. Take a screen-share to the next level and add on-screen quizzes as simple assessments
  • OoOTIE: Many viewers watch a video more than once. If they’re watching a second time, give them the option to skip to the part they care about most
  • Excelsior College: Add chapters to build lead intelligence. Leveraging chapters the viewer gets a more personalized experience and you get a better qualified lead

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