HapYak is integrated into a variety of Learning Management Systems (LMS) today. Our customers deploy interactive videos to train employees, inform customers and teach students using both our integrated Gradebook and our APIs to capture answers and award grades. This solution has been working well, but we want to make it even easier and we’ve been researching exactly how to do that.

Over the past year our team has analyzed the requirements of SCORM, LTI and xAPI as well as their adoption across the systems that our customers use. Based on that research we are making an investment to support the LTI standard.

Here are some details on our thinking:

SCORM remains the defacto standard for learning content, but it is was created long before current web-standards and is rapidly falling out of favor. Honestly, I cannot recall a single positive comment that a customer has made about SCORM in the past year. Our assessment is that our customers have options beyond SCORM (see below) with a richer set of capabilities and we want to invest in the richest possible integration that our customers will be happy to adopt.

xAPI (TinCan API) Our customers have repeatedly asked us about this and the trend is clear, xAPI and Learning Record Stores (LRS) are on the rise as the preferred, flexible infrastructure for learning content, but this is an area where we’ve decided to not be on the “bleeding” edge. Our innovation is Interactive Video, our goal for integrations is to reach the widest possible audience. Our assessment is that xAPI is simply not yet supported broadly enough, but we do plan to revisit this decision in the future.

LTI is broadly supported and provides a robust set of functionality and integration options. LTI enables single-sign-on that will enable LMS authenticated users to access the HapYak toolset, to embed HapYak experiences in Lessons, and to directly record grades in the LMS gradebook. This is exactly what our customers have asked for, and will streamline the current workflow 10-fold. We’ve selected LTI as the integration that will help the most people with the most complete solution.

The HapYak team is in active development of our LTI integration and plan to roll out with our first BETA customers in early 2017. If you’re interested in being part of our BETA program, please let us know!