At HapYak we’re believers in interactive video because we see the amazing results it delivers for our customers every day.  We anticipate that 2018 will be a pivotal year for the category and for good reason. For starters, growing consumer response to personalized interactive advertising and shoppable video experiences, among other applications, has propelled data-driven marketing and video usage to all-time highs – with no end in sight.  

We foresee three especially important outcomes of this trend for digital marketers:

1. Sophistication and Ownership.  Organizations will move rapidly from “getting going” with interactive video to “getting good” at its application in marketing and eCommerce.  We’ll see more video-centric marketing programs, not just one-off experiments; more shoppable video with add-to-cart features; how-to videos with branching; and audience analytics. This shift will be brought about by interactive video platforms with richer feature sets (and more platforms), lessons learned, repeatability and the rise of functional owners within the organization.

2. Data, Data and More Data. Let’s face it: digital marketers are data junkies. Interactive video delivers the data marketers have lacked from their video initiatives to date.  Most video platforms deliver rudimentary marketing metrics – like the number of plays or the time when the viewer stopped watching. With interactive video, every behavior at every moment is tracked, and those behavioral profiles can provide insights on what motivates conversions. 

Moreover, only interactive video data can deliver on the ‘three Ps’ – presence, performance, and patterns – allowing marketing leaders to discern why certain prospects convert to buyers, why others leave, and how to improve the process to convert more of them – powerful information from which to heighten sales and marketing effectiveness. 

3. Deeper Stacks, But More Silos.  With the growing sophistication of interactive video, organizations will gain unprecedented behavioral insight, but that rich data will start out as silos that reside independently, instead of being integrated along with other marketing KPIs. Deciding how to use all that data may be the sand that creates the pearl, forcing change down the road that truly enables video to become a strategic gem in the enterprise BI mix.  

In the meantime, as business executives continue to work across these silos, we expect the gap to widen between those who know how to capture and apply this data and those who don’t, creating new competitive challenges.


In what Forrester calls the “post-digital” world, this new landscape will require marketers to get hyper-focused on solving customers’ needs in a one-on-one, personalized dialogue vs. more traditional marketing approaches to messaging and acquiring new customers. Interactive video will be central to that transition because of its ability to engage and deliver rich behavioral analytics on a traditionally passive medium.  With solutions like HapYak that remove the technological barriers to creating personalized interactive experiences, we expect 2018 will be the year that marketers finally get off the fence and into deployment mode.  

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