Did you know that 86 percent of U.S. consumers admit to multitasking while they’re watching TV? That’s according to a recently released survey by Deloitte’s technology, media, and telecommunication trends group. The consulting company analyzed tech usage and media consumption in more than 2,000 consumers over the age of 14 across the United States.

Not only are 25 percent of TV viewers multitasking, but they’re doing activities unrelated to the program they’re watching, according to the Deloitte survey. Just imagine what that could mean if what they’re watching is important, and they need to know the information. This finding is just as applicable to web video as it is to TV. After all, to most digital omnivores, it’s just another screen and multitasking while watching a web video can be just as easy.

Digital Omnivores


Critical to any web video is the engagement factor — if your viewers aren’t into what they’re watching, they’re not going any further. Nor are they learning. They’re clicking play and walking away.

Giving viewers the ability to click and interact with a web video keeps them interested and engaged with what’s in front of them. Not to mention it really hammers home the information they’re watching.

Digital Omnivores


We know that people are watching more streamed video content than ever before,
and the Deloitte survey picked up on that too. Consumer interest in streaming nearly doubled from 17 percent in 2012 to 32 percent in 2013.

Even more interesting is the idea that more than a third of Americans are Digital Omnivores, or people who own a trio of laptops, tablets, and smartphones. And with so many buzzing devices, it’s easy to get distracted.

HapYak’s web video platform treats your viewers like human beings, giving them choice, control, and convenience for whatever they’re watching. They’ll stay interested, and you’ll get results. With more and more of the workforce becoming digital omnivores it’s crucial to understand how to keep a viewer engaged, excited and concentrating on the video.