Bill Goldsmith Productions makes video that matters. Their clients – small and medium sized businesses – can now stay “top-of-mind” with their customers through BGP’s innovative use of web video.

Success with Web Video - Bill Goldsmith Productions

Joe Ferry’s client base is specific, but his problem is universal.

Joe is a practicing attorney in Philadelphia. He discovered a niche market for defending home inspectors from meritless claims that homeowners put upon the home inspector.

Joe Ferry - The Home Inspector Lawyer

Joe Ferry – The Home Inspector Lawyer

That’s where Bill Goldsmith Productions comes in.

Bill created a series of short weekly videos for Joe that educate home inspectors across the country. “We want to establish Joe as the premiere authority, as the ‘home inspector attorney.’” notes Bill. “The goal is to create an educational-based weekly message that informs, educates, and entertains.”


But, here’s the real issue. When a home inspector watches the first video they need a way of capturing their interest and ensuring they sign up for the weekly video series that gets emailed out to Joe’s mailing list.

Traditionally, this is done with a verbal request to sign up for the mailing list or a call to action somewhere after the video or elsewhere on the web page. Bill was unhappy, as this always left viewers without a way to signal their interest at the precise moment they were most interested.

Then he discovered HapYak.

“It was a magical tool to find. It really was a key to the project going forward. We refer to it in meetings with the client. We depend on it.”

HapYak allowed him to add a call to action that appears on top of the video. This captures each viewer at the moment they are most interested in Joe’s message and encourages them to sign up for Joe’s mailing list.

You can see an example here.

In addition to the main call to action, those who have signed up can quickly skip the intro of the video meant for first-time viewers.


Home inspectors have come to rely on these educational pieces every week, mentions Bill. “Every Monday at 3 o’clock it arrives, each week.”

“We have record sales coming in in terms of people signing up. They’re now aware of a message that legal defense is part of their tool kit – just like they have their tools with them on a home inspection.”

Web Video Analytics - Bill Goldsmith and Joe Ferry

Web Video Analytics – Bill Goldsmith and Joe Ferry

Bill Goldsmith, Joe Ferry and colleagues reviewing analytics from their web video campaign.

And with a successful formula and a means to track when a home inspector switches from just a viewer to an activated viewer – both Joe and Bill see no end in sight.

“There are 40,000 home inspectors – and 10,000 new inspectors coming into the world every year.”


For Bill, discovering HapYak has led to a complete rethink of how he approaches his business. He has clients all over the country whom he thinks will benefit from web video.

“We think it distinguishes us from all the other videographers by really moving video up to the level of marketing that it should be considered. We’re in initial discussions with two or three clients. It’s been so busy we haven’t stopped since November our business is growing.”

Interactive video is the final piece to the puzzle for Bill, allowing him to create video thats compelling and friendly for each business.

“We all want to do work with people we trust,” notes Bill. “I believe that this is fundamental to all business relationships. Video helps deliver the concept of knowing, liking, and trusting an individual as it creates the mind share and heart share that underpins the emotions that are necessary to take the action steps to engage.”

“At the end of the day, the new world of work, and success in the new world economy, is going to boil down to how well we can connect, communicate and collaborate with people. HapYak is a key ingredient in this process.”