Any content developer will tell you in order for your audience to connect with your work, you’ll have to give them a reason to stick around. Viewers and readers want to know “what’s in it for me?” before they engage with your content any further than the first click.

This question is crucial in the world of web video, a world that’s growing even faster than we had ever anticipated. This amazing video by Shutterstock and comScore puts that growth in stark and simple terms.

The most interesting highlight is that in January of this year, 190 million Americans watched an average of 397 online videos. 36% of those videos were ads. That’s about 143 ads per person in one month.

Web Video Viewing in USA

Businesses are going to spend about $5.7 Billion on online video advertising this year – nearly 40% more than last. There’s a reason. Video works in any context, any medium, any language. Heck, if the video’s interesting you might watch it even if it’s in a different language. Check out the French, German and Portuguese versions (each with region-specific statistics).

Interactive Video in any Language

It’s a massive and growing opportunity. But also a challenge. How do you make sure your ad stands out from the other 143? How do you make sure it doesn’t pass by undetected but rather transforms a viewer to an activated viewer?

Web Video Ad Spend and Views


With video, the first click is easy. It’s practically a reflex at this point to press play when you see it on a web video. But how do you get your viewers to make that second click? How do you get them to answer the “what’s in it for me” question?

The answer is in the interactivity. Give your viewers the choice, the control, and the convenience over what they’re watching and they’ll appreciate it. With the freedom to follow their own path, discover amazing things, make decisions, and take actions, a viewer’s personal experience with your content helps makes it stand out. And your video will be the one they remember out of a hundred and forty-three.